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LV Beach

Training session goals are a minimum of 5 and max of 8. 6-8 players is a great number for the girls to have the rest time that is needed between repetitions to prevent exhaustion, and they will also have an 8-1 player/coach ratio for lots of coaches' attention per player.

“It’s easier to take your outdoor skills into the gym than to bring your indoor skills outside. Simple reason, Beach Volleyball forces you to have all the skills. Learning those skills can only improve an indoor player’s performance. If nothing else, a player’s quickness and jump will be increased from playing on the soft sand.”
      Karch Kirale – former Olympic Player and current        Olympic Coach, Original “King of the Beach”

Beach 2024

Dates: June 3rd - August 3rd 
(excludes week of July 1st)
8 weeks total


9-10:30am (2nd-6th gr.)
7-8:30pm (7th-12th gr.)

7-8:30pm (7th-12th gr.)

9-10:30am (2nd-6th gr.)
7-8:30pm (7th-12th gr.)

Tuition: $560 (2 practices per week)

$280 (1 practice per week)

1.5 Hours Per Session

Drop-in = $40 per training session if you want to attend when you can. This option is here if you can't commit to the hours/schedule of Training.

You may make your payments by cash or check. Bring payment to first practice or turn in to blue mailbox in gym.

Beach Tournament Schedule

Click here for Beach Volleyball Tournament options and age division breakdown. Playing in tournaments is not mandatory. You are signing up for Beach Training. Playing in tournaments is an individual cost,  not included in training.

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